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Ph. D. Corneliu Berbente
Director for Romania of the Romanian-American Academy for Arts and Sciences
Member of the Advisory Board when the Center for Excellency in Business of the "POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest was founded
Member of the American Mathematical Society

Welcome to the British-Romanian University.

On this occasion it is a great pleasure for me to acclaim the establishment of the British-Romanian University through IDM Foundation, that represents a great success, combining intelligence and imagination with tireless work and professionalism.

I was glad when group of talents young people, eager to realize something useful for them and the Romanian society, had the courage, the strength and the skills to start in 1990, in difficult conditions, something that is called a “business”. They gathered around a leader. Many graduated the same faculty, being my students. They had proven team work capacity, knowing what was useful in their school education and being open minded to learning new things.

The British-Romanian University has a modern conception, innovative, which combines cumulated direct experience by this remarkable group of Romanian business men, with successful European models, modified (shaped) to the Romanian economic system, in a new form, which takes into consideration the prospect of EU integration for our country. Teaching students at a dynamic pace, subject matters at high level and up-to-date, practical and targeted, will represent important qualities of the business administration specialists educated by this university. I am convinced that the British-Romanian University will prove itself an enterprise, in which all parties win, including our society as a system.

I wish success to the future students of the British-Romanian University and to its teachers in their noble and exemplary activity!

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